Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and Panels

We carry a wide variety of ceiling tiles from CGC, the premier supplier of ceiling tile solutions for light commercial, residential and specialty projects such as clean rooms, hospitals, institutions and more.

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With several dozen acoustic tile and panel solutions, CGC offers an impressive array of specific products that are rated in accordance to their performance in sound absorption, attenuation and reflectance. CGC also states the amount of recycled content for each of its products, and offers specialty fire rating and mold and mildew resistance options.

We also carry accessories to support your project; ceiling suspension systems, clips, fasteners, adhesives and more.

Think of us for all your needs including acoustic ceiling tile, contractor grade mineral fibre tiles, gypsum lay-in panels and specialty tile and ceiling products.

We are fully equipped to ship ceiling tiles and panels to your site using best practices with our impressive fleet of delivery trucks including flat beds, cube vans, boom trucks and forklifts, alongside our attention to prompt and timely service.

Project Estimating

Our professional estimating division is always at your service. We will give you a fast and complete material estimate breakdown for your residential or commercial project. To save time and money, contact us today.

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