Pine & Cedar

Quality White Pine and Western Red Cedar from Bytown PRO

|Pine & Cedar - Bytown ProFor the ultimate classic look in your commercial or residential projects consider Western Red Cedar and Eastern White Pine.

We are an important supplier of White Pine and Western Red Cedar in the Ottawa and Gatineau regions and carry a significant inventory of dimensional lumber to meet most any project need.

Independently certified, our premium Selkirk Western Red Cedar is harvested legally and sustainably from managed forests in British Columbia.

We are fully equipped to ship to your site with our impressive fleet of delivery trucks including flat beds, cube vans, boom trucks and forklifts, alongside our attention to prompt and timely service.

Project Estimating

Our professional estimating division is always at your service. We will give you a fast and complete material estimate breakdown for your residential or commercial project. To save time and money, contact us today.

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