Galanta Steel Siding

Ideal Roofing Galanta™ Steel Siding for Residential and Commercial Projects

Galanta hidden fastener interlocking steel siding protects your residential or commercial project while enhancing curb appeal substantially.

Galanta Steel Siding - Bytown LumberGalanta is manufactured in panels covering 6 feet by 12 feet and may be installed vertically or horizontally. It is available in a variety of shaded wood grain, regular wood grain and solid colours and comes with a 40-year finish warranty.

With its concealed and perforated fastening strip Galanta is lightweight and easy to install. Notched ends allow end-to-end overlapping of panels. Wood grain versions are embossed, makes the flat part of the panel more rigid and helping to prevent oil canning.

Manufactured from galvanized steel, Galanta and other Ideal Roofing products are excellent for withstanding our harsh climates. They are also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

We also carry a complete line of accessories for your steel siding projects including flashing, ridge rolls and caps, fittings, fasteners, screws, ridge vents and more.

Comprehensive Support – only from Bytown Pro

Estimating: Our professional estimating group provides fast, precise and complete material estimate breakdowns for your new residential or commercial project.

Delivery: We are fully equipped to ship to your site in a prompt and timely manner with our expansive fleet of delivery trucks including flat beds, cube vans, boom trucks and forklifts.

Customer Service: our subject matter experts provide assistance in planning and scheduling materials and orders, coordinating delivery services. They apply a personalized, caring approach to your project.

Talk to us today about sourcing your Ideal Roofing Galanta steel siding from the pros at Bytown Pro!

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